Philadelphia Inquirer Reviews ‘Fragile Boundaries’

Philadelphia Inquirer just covered a group show I am in at the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art.

The author, Edith Newhall,  points to a few works to describe curator Julien Robson’s “attraction to art that pushes beyond the expectations of its particular medium – and that refuses to be easily categorized.”

Two of the more obvious examples of resistance in Robson’s exhibition are Virginia Maksymowicz’s fulsome Panis Angelicus, a cast plaster sculpture of what appears to be an upper section of a Corinthian column overflowing with cast-plaster loaves of bread and broken plaster ornamentation, and Leslie Friedman’s Tasty, an installation of wall-mounted screen prints and a large pile of shiny oversize soda cans. …Friedman’s similarly brimming ode to consumerism and obesity – those soda cans are actually cardboard that Friedman has metallicized and screen-printed with her copies of famous logos – brings a contemporary ruin to mind.

To the see online version, click here.  Be sure to click “view all” images to see the picture of Tasty.

Philadelphia Inquirer Tasty

Edith Newhall. “Galleries: Shows are a good reason for a short trip to Delaware.” Philadelphia Inquirer [Philadelphia, PA] July 29th, 2012, 184th year no. 59, Section: H6.

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