USA Project Fundraiser Launched

Calling something a “dream come true” sounds cliché (and it is).  But in the case of the project I am working on right now, it actually is a dream come true, particularly because my dreams tend to be vivid soap operas with loopy non-sequiturs where just about anything can happen.

For the last three years, I have been playing around with identity politics and Jewishness.  The experimentation culminated in a show called Glitzianers in which I transformed a gallery room into bright, shiny, woven pathways that moved from the floors to the walls.

Gliztianers, mixed media installation, 2011.

Bringing that show to fruition was thrilling and I loved seeing all the pieces come together, but it left me wanting more.  I wanted to see someone skate those ramps!

In the beginning of the summer I made a fortuitous connection with the curatorial group ADORATION in Detroit, Michigan.  Amongst there many inspiring projects, they are curating two locations in Grand Rapids for ArtPrize 2012.  ADORATION invited me to make a functional skateboard half-pipe public sculpture for their Calder Plaza location and I am already quite busy making that happen.

This project is really exciting for me because it actually allows me  to realize that fantasy–we’ll see people skate the ramp!   But more importantly, it will be the first time I make a public sculpture, my first organized performance piece, and the first time I travel to show my work.  I believe this will be a big milestone for me.  However, due to the ambitious scale and the travel costs, this project also demands that I find some extra funding to make it happen.

I need your help.  You can donate through a secure web service called USA Projects.  There are incentives to donate listed on the right hand side of the project page (link below embedded in picture).  All donations are tax-deductible.

To learn more about my project and to donate, please click the project page image below.

USA Projects Page

Thank you so much for your time.  I hope you see some incentives that tickle your fancy and please forward this link to anyone who might be interested in funding a worthwhile project.  Skateboard enthusiasts, Jews, printmakers, people-who-like colorful-stuff–anyone you can think of.  This is going to be a group effort!

Thank you!!
Leslie Friedman

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