TheArtBlog Includes ‘Gay, Jewish, or Both’ in First Friday Round-Up


TheArtBlog Found the First First Friday of the New Year to be full of “Great Stuff”

NAPOLEON included!

According to Libby and Roberta, NAPOLEON is a “shape-shifter,” with this month’s collaborative exhibition by Leslie Friedman and Bernardo Margulis being a great example of that kind of change.

Each show, each installation makes the space grow or shrink in a way that asks you to question what you’ve seen there before. Leslie Friedman and Bernardo Margulis have collaborated this month on a complete dining-room-ization of the space. Wallpaper, a dining table set for 6 people, a side table with family pictures, paintings on the walls, a basket of bagels…what a great stage set for a feast of some sort.

To read the entire round-up, click here.

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