Knight Art Covers ‘As First As Exactly’


In the article ‘Meta miniatures, poetry-inspired objects captivate at two Philly galleries,’ Chip Schwartz reviews the pairing of shows by NAPOLEON and Traction Company.

In the article, Schwartz talks about the collaborative piece by Liza Coviello and Leslie Friedman called “Land”:

Following suit by imposing lines of poetry on the three-dimensional realm, Liza Coviello and Leslie Friedman’s tall, hanging mobile of toy airplanes, chains and larger-than-life Scrabble tiles also directly quotes Stein. Titled “Land,” the movement of the slowly spinning strands of letters mimics the barely noticeable growth of our green, photosynthetic cousins. A box of dirt and plant replicas sits firmly beneath the dangling bits with a wooden sign that reads “THE LAND,” just in case anyone was at all unsure.

To see the entire article, click here.

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