NPR’s WHYY and their website Cover ‘Tastier’


Leslie Friedman on the Radio!

Peter Crimmins from Philadelphia’s NPR station stopped by Tastier to talk to Leslie Friedman about diet sodas

In both the radio piece and the web-written review, Peter Crimmins makes some insightful points about Tastier, Leslie Friedman’s most recent solo-show at Space 1026 in July 2013.  Given the needs of the different media, the radio piece and the written one are a little different, so do take a listen and a look at both!

In particular, the WHYY team was interested in making a connection between the show and a recent study released by Purdue University that shows sugar substitutes “can foster behavioral and metabolic patterns with negative health effects.” News many of us suspected for a long time, but little scientific research could prove it.  From the written review on, Crimmins writes of the exhibition:

Friedman’s choice to use Coke Zero instead of Diet Coke (note to the soda challenged: these are two distinct brands) is somewhat esoteric, but significant. Coca-Cola Zero was introduced in 2005 as a no-calorie soda that resembled the flavor of regular Coke moreso than Diet Coke. It was also marketed to men, for whom the word “diet” is too femine. Friedman did the math: Start with something that is close to the real thing but not really, add a male perspective, and you get porn.

Go to the website to see the written review or click the bar below to listen to the full radio piece. The radio piece and the written piece are slightly different.

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