Jewish Voice & Herald Featured Leslie Friedman in January Issue


In the article Local Artist Returns Home with a New Show,

Nancy Kirsch talks about how Leslie Friedman became the installation artist and printmaker she is today (and the stops she made on the way):

A political science major at Brown University, she found deep satisfaction in making silk-screening posters of local rock-and-roll bands with whom she was friendly. In fact, her art work is one of the reasons she cited for not taking a junior year abroad to study.

Having lived all her life in Rhode Island, she planned to travel around the world for a year after graduating from Brown. After visiting friends in Mexico, her second stop on her “world tour” was Argentina, which she liked so much she stayed for 2½ years – thus ending her around-the-world tour!

Kirsch, Nancy. “Local Artist Returns Home with New Show.” The Jewish Voice & Herald [Providence, RI] January 4th, 2013, Section: Features, p. 2. (viewable online at artist-returns-home-with-a-new-show&catid=41%3Acommunity&Itemid=62)

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