For its visually dazzling decoration and intellectually for its information overload, the strategies of Pop influence my art making.  By way of screen-printed repeat patterns on materials like wallpaper and linoleum tile, I transform spaces into bright, glossy, sparkly surfaces with subversive content below.  As a student of both art and political science, I am intrigued by the power of a visual vocabulary to set the stage for political dialogue.  I see my role as a visual director employing both fine art and industrial methods.  Screen-printing offers a seamlessness that allows imagery to be peeled away from its original sources and built into something else altogether.  What is thus constructed is a fantasy world that combines identifiable elements from the everyday with my own over imagination, often resulting in a funny perversion of a “what if” game.  These environments reference anything from a department store to a dump, all the while tripping up the presentation and leaving the viewer in a state of overstimulation.I work in a modular fashion and my general aspiration is to make a site-specific installation.  The pieces I make stand alone, but are stronger when assembled together and allowed to shape the environment.  Additionally, perceiving my work as modules liberates me to create an artwork and then see how altering its presentation enhances its content.  In that way, I am engaged with my work at all the varied stages of making from the spark of an idea to the opening of the gallery door.